Beidzot, kā dāvana vārda dienā ;)

ARTiST : Killswitch Engage
ALBUM : As Daylight Dies
LABEL : Roadrunner Records
GENRE : Metal

RELEASE : 2006-11-10 !!!
STREET : 2006-11-21

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a dark, dank room. All of a sudden, a
gututal, rip-roaring scream hits your ears, running your adrenaline through the
room. That scream? That’s Howard Jones. And that feeling? That’s the one you’re
gonna feel after each track on Killswitch Engage’s newest release, As Daylight

Combining the best parts of the last two albums and taking on new challenges in
the way that only KSE can do, As Daylight Dies is a definite step forward for
the band and what a step it is!

“Daylight Dies,” “For You” and the first single, “My Curse” are but 3 of the new
tracks that will surely grab you and never let you go.

As Daylight Dies hits stores on November 21.

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