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BitComet banned

BitComet tiek banots vairākos trackeros. Laikam jāmainās uz Azureus.

We are following the example led by other private bittorrent trackers and we have banned all BitComet clients. Perhaps having so many sites banning it will encourage their developers to do something about it.

The reason why: BitComet, like Azureus, allows the sharing of peers via a DHT system. Azureus implemented SecureTorrents into their client, which we coded into our tracker. BitComet followed and implemented a similar private flag. Unfortunately, the BitComet authors decided not to code what they said (“BitComet will not add DHT Network as Backup Tracker even all the trackers can not be connected later, and will also disable Peer Exchange between peers”) and instead ignore this flag after a period of time.

If the BitComet developers create a new version which behaves as it should, we will happily change our stance on this. But at the moment, BitComet is not welcome here.

If you want a replacement client, we recommend µTorrent and Azureus.

by http://oink.me.uk/

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